50 million people can claim Scottish ancestry. See how the remaining 5 million live.
•Friendly natives.
•Castles [some haunted!].
•Distilleries and breweries.
•Cattle markets.
•Historic monuments – some over 5000 years old, churches, monasteries, abbeys and cathedrals.
•Gardens open to the public.
•Potteries and other handicrafts.
•Art galleries.
•Genealogy – trace your ancestors.
•Ghost, murder and mystery tours of cities [with simultaneous translation if necessary].
•Clearance sites and history.
•Film sets [Braveheart, Harry Potter, Highlander, Local Hero, and Loch Ness – not filmed on Loch Ness!].
•Highland games.
•Picturesque villages and fishing ports.
•Woollen mills, one makes cashmere garments.
•Gaelic church services [spine tinglingly good, even for atheists!]