Stainless steel clothes pegs with a lifetime guarantee

Avoid the frustrations of plastic and wooden clothes pegs that break in hot or cold weather or whenever you drop them on a hard surface, these beautiful pieces of Italian technology will keep your washing on the line in a gale and never break. We are so confident about this claim that if one does break under normal circumstances we will replace it without quibble. Obviously if you choose to hammer them or put them in a vice or under a steamroller or a train you will fall outside the bounds of fair wear and tear, but under normal circumstances, and that includes using them as freezer clips, we will guarantee our pegs for life.

Even if your washing stays out for days our pegs will leave no lasting peg impressions or mouldy marks. In the long term these pegs will save you money because you will never need to replace them and you will not lose your washing to strong winds any more, or have to re-wash things that have dragged on the ground.

• Very strong spring
• Never break
• Never rust
• Never mark clothes
• Heat and frost resistant
• Environmentally friendly – no harmful plastics, no trees felled
• Ideal wedding present for couples that already have everything
• Steel wedding anniversary is the 11th one
• Myriad other uses [e.g. in freezer, model making, paper clips, book marks, electrical connections, gardens, greenhouses, etc.]
• Now available in 12 colours: red, orange, yellow, emerald green, pea green, royal blue, turquoise, lilac, pink, black, brown and white, plus the classic stainless steel model as pictured.
• Not suitable for people with arthritis – the spring is too strong for arthritic fingers, and definitely not recommended for body adornment unless you have a very high pain threshold!

Clothes Pegs Uses other than on the washing line

• Clip the bottom of a toothpaste tube with a peg and roll it up to avoid wastage.
• Nail or screw two pegs to your garden fence and then use them to hold open a plastic rubbish bag when collecting leaves or other rubbish.
• Make angels or toy soldiers by decorating clothes pegs, use the pegs as legs.
• When gluing two objects together, use pegs as mini clamps.
• Make a rack for small tools by screwing several clothes pegs to a piece of wood. Ours have holes in the arms to make this easier.
• Prevent the flex of your vacuum cleaner from retracting while in use by clipping a peg to it once it’s the length you need.
• Keep packages of biscuits, snacks, cereals or seeds fresh by clipping open packages with a peg.
• Use pegs to clip close open bags of food when putting them in the freezer.
• Hold a new hem line in place before you iron it.
• Useful in place of tacking stitches or regular pins when using a sewing machine.
• Hold paper together with one or more pegs. Unlike bulldog clips our pegs do not rust or shatter; especially useful in warm humid environments such as hothouses or swimming baths.
• Spare your fingers by using a peg to grip a nail when hammering it in hard-to-reach places. Ours even resist most hammer blows!
• Screw a peg to the kitchen wall to hold recipes up.
• Clip pairs of shoes of boots together with a peg to save hunting after one of them.
• Supergluing a magnet to a peg gives a clip that sticks to any magnetic surface, e.g. fridges and cooker hoods.
• Three pegs can make a mosquito coil holder.
• Bookmarks.
• Music score holder, especially useful outside on a windy day.
• Target holder for small bore pellet guns. The slugs bounce off our pegs.

Attaching food to a parrot’s cage – Janette Tibbett, North Wales
Tying the ends of roasting bags. 220ºC does not bother them at all.
Keeping a sieve in place whilst pouring flour. Having two hands on the flour gives you much more control.

• Attaching plants and food for use in an aquarium.

If you have other unusual uses please send them to us, include photographs if you have any; and we will put them on the website and give you a credit.

Prices for classic pegs

No. of pegsPrice inc. p&p
£ 4.10
£ 7.60
£ 9.25
£ 16.40
£ 24.65
£ 32.80
£ 47.45
£ 62.60

Please re-enter your telephone details in the “Add special instructions to the seller” section. Pay Pal ask for your telephone number, but they do not relay it on to us. Sometimes we need to contact you, and having a telephone number facilitates matters enormously.

For larger orders, please enquire via e.mail. Shipping rates vary with destination.

Air or surface mail?

All deliveries to Europe go by air mail. Amazingly it’s cheaper than surface. For those of you outside Europe, there is a decision to make: Air mail takes 7-10 days on average, surface can take up to 2 months, but I have devised a method that fools the machines into sending parcels by air mail at surface prices which works about 80% of the time. Surface prices are about 55% -60% of air mail prices. Now you have all the information, how optimistic do you feel? And how much of a rush is there?

Cheques to be made payable to “K Thomson” and sent to:

K Pegs
Cala na Sithe

Please include a telephone number or e mail address with each order.

Orders up to £35 will be dispatched immediately; those over £35 will be dispatched as soon as the cheque clears. We know that a bounced cheque costs you £35, so we know that it’s in nobody’s interest to send us small cheques that will not be honoured.

Coloured Pegs

14 colours are now available – red, orange, yellow, emerald green, blue, pink, white, brown, black, lilac, teal, turquoise, magenta and pea green. All the snooker / croquet colours, plus orange, lilac, turquoise and pea green – the same pegs, just dipped in a powder laminate and then electricity is passed through them. They cost 16p per peg more than the classic pegs because they cost us 15-20 p more per peg more to buy. Laminators refuse to work for free, but why 4 colours cost almost 6p more than the other 10 to produce is beyond my understanding.

****Please specify any colour preferences when ordering. You can do so in the Instructions to merchant section on the order form. If you forget to do that, just wing off an e mail asap afterwards.

After 12 years constantly outside on the washing line outside in all that the Scottish climate can muster, I can assure you that the laminate does not flake off. The red and blue ones do fade with time, but their efficiency and grip are never compromised. The other colours show no signs of fading.

When ordering, please ensure you state the colours you would like in the “Add special instructions to the seller” section when you view your cart. At the same time please re-enter your telephone details in the “Add special instructions to the seller” section. Pay Pal ask for your telephone number, but they do not relay it on to us. Sometimes we need to contact you, and having a telephone number facilitates matters enormously.

No. of pegsUK addressEurope Air and Rest of the world SurfaceRest of the world AIR
£    5.25
£    9.90
£  12.00
£  22.75
£  33.60
£  45.80
£  67.00
£  88.80
€   8,70
€ 14,50
€ 16,90
€ 29,90
€ 42,70
€ 60,60
€ 86,25
€ 113,00
€ 9,55
€ 16,80
€ 18,90
€ 34,65
€ 53,20
€ 73,70
€ 105,00
€ 133,00

8 colours are now available. If you specify in the instructions to merchant you can have as many of each colour as you wish. If you say nothing, you will receive roughly equal quantities of each colour.

When ordering, please ensure you state the colours you would like in the “Add special instructions to the seller” section when you view your cart. At the same time please re-enter your telephone details in the “Add special instructions to the seller” section. Pay Pal ask for your telephone number, but they do not relay it on to us. Sometimes we need to contact you, and having a telephone number facilitates matters enormously.

Gift Boxes

We offer a fine array of high quality robust gift boxes to suit all tastes. The postage is the same for all boxes up to 2 kilos, so if you order more than one box and the whole parcel weighs under 2 kilos we will send you 8 extra classic pegs or 5 coloured ones to compensate for the extra postage paid.

You can also specify which box you prefer in the Instructions to merchant part of the order form.

If you want us to fill the box with coloured pegs, please specify how many of each colour you require. You can also do so in the Instructions to merchant section of the order form. If you forget to do that, just wing off an e mail asap afterwards.

Gift box prices for UK delivery only. Other sizes are available. We are happy to send gift boxes of any size to any destination. Please e.mail for a quotation.

Tel: +44 1463 831 643 or +44 77 25 93 95 69 [mobile]

Please re-enter your telephone details in the “Add special instructions to the seller” section. Pay Pal ask for your telephone number, but they do not relay it on to us. Sometimes we need to contact you, and having a telephone number facilitates matters enormously.

Please note: these prices are for UK delivery only.

Coloured pegs in gift boxes

Paying by cheque or bank transfer

Paying by cheque or bank transfer is 4% cheaper. Please email for cheque/transfer rates: k.calanasithe@gmail.com. On larger orders this can amount to a substantial saving. Cheques in Euros made payable to “K Thomson” please.

Unlike many companies we do not rip you off on p&p. We work out the maximum number of pegs that can be posted for each incremental group, and charge a minimal amount for the actual packing. We use recycled boxes and padded envelopes wherever possible. Both you and the environment win.

Customer Comments

“I don’t whether this counts as other functions , but my daughters thought it was a bit of fun and artistic.”

Wendy Whittle’s daughters in Coff’s Harbour, N.S.W., Australia.

“My husband and I spent 5 days touring Inverness, Isle of Skye and the Highlands with K. He is a tremendous guide with exceptional knowledge of his country and its history.

He picked us up promptly each morning with a terrific attitude and we were off on an adventure. He would stop anywhere we wished and if I threw in a new sight, he had no problems adjusting his schedule to accommodate my every whim. He has the energy of the Ever Ready rabbit.

Each day we would stop at a local store and purchase bread, cheeses, fruit and anything else we wished to have for a picnic lunch. At night he would drop us off at our hotel and tell us the best places to eat.

Each day with him was 8-10 hours of touring and seeing sights the normal tours would not take you on. Like I said, he has a lot of energy and is a hiker, so if you have health issues, it may be hard to keep up with him. I have asthma and I am in my late 60’s and I was able to keep up.

He is not only knowledgeable but also very entertaining. I highly recommend K to anyone who really wants to see hidden Scotland. I can’t wait to go back and spend more time with him!”

Patricia Rogers

“OK, so I love washing & I live in the 2nd windiest city in the world. So, I need strong pegs.

I stumbled across K pegs & after the loveliest communication with “K” from Scotland, ordered my pegs. It took one week surface mail to arrive down under. With bated breath & shaking hands I opened my package to find the most gorgeous coloured pegs. They are quite simply FABULOUS!

Since then (3 years ago) I have bought hundreds of K pegs as they are the best presents ever!!!

Buy some, you won’t regret it & what’s more they have a lifetime guarantee.”

Becca Darling, Wellington, New Zealand.

“I’ve been using these pegs for several years now in the Shetland Islands and despite the salt-laden winds, they’re still as good as new. None of them show any signs of corrosion (even one that got lost for a year in the grass) and they grip like no other peg I’ve ever seen, used or heard of. I live half a mile of bare hillside from the North Atlantic so there’s no shelter between me and America. I’ve happily line-dried shirts and trousers using these steel pegs in moderate to fresh westerlies without yet losing anything to the dirt. The only time the pegs have been partially beaten so far is when I’ve recklessly put out double-pegged sheets in something like a gusting Force 4 to 5. On those occasions they billow as taut as sails and some times the strain has pinged a few pegs off into the turf, but even then the remaining pegs haven’t completely let go of the now wildly flapping sheet, so nothing has yet been ripped completely free of the line. The K peg is a leader in its field. I’drecommend it to anyone without hesitation.”

Mike Grundon, June 2016

“One sunny morning, I pegged several items of washing out on the railings of our yacht. It looked like a good drying day, with just a slight breeze, so I thought we would dry some washing while we sailed around to the next bay. About half an hour into our journey, suddenly the clouds gathered and the wind got up – before we knew it we had 40 knot winds! There was no time to worry about the washing – we had to get the sails in fast and steer the boat towards the safe shelter of the next bay. I watched in horror as the wind whipped against our clothes and towels, feeling certain we would lose some items in the wind. But the pegs held firm! By the time we got into sheltered waters again, the clothes were dry – and not a mark on them. Your pegs are amazing – I highly recommend them to any boat owner!”

Heather Grace, Brown’s Bay, Auckland, New Zealand who has just finished a 6 month tour of the South Pacific islands in her yacht. She took 30 of our pegs with her.

“I do love the clothes pins (pegs) that I purchased from you!

We were hit by the largest tornado in history, it removed 15 square miles of our community… Wanted you to know that some of your amazing clothes pegs held on to the wire through winds nearly 300 miles per hour. We were able to find some of them! And they work as before! WOW!

I would also like to order again from you…. “

Janice Wood, Joplin, Missouri, U.S.A.

“Just to say the pegs are fantastic. Wonderful design and engineering. I cannot believe how strong they are and even heavy weight towels on a very windy day are no problem and stay put on the line. I’m buying some for my mother-in-law as she was so impressed. Thank you for sorting out one of those irritating problems in my life.

At the age of 51 I finally have a solution.”

Carol Elliott, Moseley, Birmingham, England

Hello…just to tell you, that I recieved your wonderful clothes pegs. They are everything that your description said they would be…and more! I’m trying to think of a further use for them, cannot think of anything at the moment, but I do have a strong urge to use one on my husband’s nose, to stop the awful snoring! And another on my daughter, to stop her talking too much!! Thank you…lovely attractive pegs.

Sharon Khouni, Bradford.

“Tested to Force 10 and beyond!”

Tom Morton, Hillswick, Shetland Isles [one of the windiest inhabited places on Earth].

“I have had rave reviews from Fair Isle – my mother-in-law says they are “the best Christmas present ever” because, unlike the yellow plastic storm pegs which also work, you can get them off the line again in a hurry when you need to get the washing in quickly. She also has problems with anything too stiff, so the easy unclipping design is great for her. Also she likes the fact that they are stainless-steel and don’t break.”

Lindsey Stout, Kirkhill.

Note: Fair Isle is a small island halfway between the Orkney and Shetland Islands. As you can imagine, it is as windy as the Shetland Isles most days.


Ode to the pegs

Dear K, I’m glad to say
Your wondrous pegs arrived today
My clothes line’s now replete, resplended
With all my garb securely suspended

So ne’er again will chase ensue
Across the fields in sling back shoe
In vain attempt from wind to wrest
A freedom seeking wayward vest.

Andy Williamson, Tingwall, Shetland.

Extraordinary functions for K-Pegs

The pegs make great battery contacts especially for boats where the combination of salt, humidity and battery acid corrodes normal crocodile clips in next to no time.
Peter Gilchrist

Holding up a photographic backdrop.
Nick Radford

“I bought 30 stainless steel clothes pegs last summer, and they are so good I’ve just ordered another 30. They have never come off the line, even in the strongest wind, unlike conventional plastic pegs. They sometimes slide a bit, but that’s because my line is wire, not plastic. Thank you!”

Maggie Strutt, Saxmundham, Suffolk.