Peg Aprons

Here in the Northern Highlands we leave our pegs on the line 24/365, but we live in a secluded, detached house in a dead end street. Honestly… at the top end of our street there is a cemetery. Ends of streets do not get deader than that.

Not everybody is as fortunate, so for those of you who have to take your pegs to and from the line along with your washing every time, for whatever reason, we have just what you need – an apron you can sling round your waist before you leave the house, meaning no more fumbling for pegs, no more balancing baskets or holding a peg bag between your teeth. You can have both hands free, which is what you need when you want to get the washing on or off the line, especially if you are in a hurry.

The aprons are designed and hand made by Clare Walker in Newtongrange, just South of Edinburgh. One size pretty much fits all, unless you are really massive, in which case you will probably not make it though the door, let alone to the line. Each item is beautifully finished, some with stitching so fancy I did not know machines were capable of such artistry.

We love Clare’s aprons so much that we are not only willing to endorse them, but we pass on the full price you pay to Clare – that’s right, we make no profit from them whatsoever. If you contact her directly you can even request a bespoke apron. We know that our pegs are the best in the world, and we feel these aprons are up to the same standard.

Price: £15 each plus £1.50 postage.

Thanks to Chelsea and Sergio for modelling the aprons. Chelsea is available for professional assignments. She was kind enough to model the aprons for free. Sergio did not have any such choice – he is my son.

Stocks are limited, so when ordering please indicate second and third choices using the “Add special instructions to merchant” within PayPal, unless you are willing to wait for another copy of your first choice to be made, which might take a week or two.