Don’t believe the horror stories. We have a temperate climate, almost devoid of extremes, especially round the coast. In Summer when it’s too hot in Southern Europe, it’s a pleasant 18º-25ºC [55º-77ºF] most days.

The sky never really darkens in May, June and July – you can read outside until 11p.m., and climb mountains or play golf all through the night in June. Often the sunniest places in Europe are in Scotland.

You’re never more than 40 miles/ 65km from the sea in Scotland.

Yes, it does rain, but it does stop too. How do you think we managed to take the photographs? Do bring something waterproof though, optimism can only take you so far.

In Winter the temperature never stays below freezing for long except in the centre of the country. On the 27th Dec. 2004 the North of Scotland was the warmest place in Europe with 14ºC [57ºF], which made short work of the snow that had fallen two days earlier. This is not an isolated phenomenon. So leave the fur coats and down jackets at home, especially in Summer!

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