Exquisite Scotland

Insider knowledge at your disposal…

Ever fancied visiting the Highlands of Scotland, but didn’t know what to see besides Loch Ness? We can offer you the ultimate guided tours taking you to the exquisite places most tourists [and many locals] never see. Scotland is a small country but its diversity is truly amazing.

You tell us about your main interests and we map out a schedule, and then take you to as many places that are likely to fascinate you as possible in the time available, whilst telling you all about the history and legends behind the sites.

Many places of interest are within an hour’s drive from our base in Inverness, but we’ll go as far afield as you want. We do trips of any duration from one day upwards. Not only do we know all the best things to visit, the best places to stay and the finest eateries, but we also know the little stops to make on the way to other destinations where the views are spectacular. We’ll stop as often as you like, so you can take as many photographs as you wish, and we’ll do it all at your pace; after all it’s your holiday.

Put yourself in our hands and you’ll have all our expert insider knowledge at your fingertips. We can take the guesswork out of your holiday, and guarantee that you experience the very best that our amazing little country has to offer. We can promise you an unforgettable holiday with lots of ‘wow!’ factor.

We even try to accommodate conflicting interests within your group. For instance, we can drop off the avid golfer / angler / shopper and arrange to pick him/her up after the rest of the group has done something more to their collective taste. Mobile ‘phones mean that nobody is left alone for longer than they want to be.

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5 languages available: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.